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Dubbingstudio in Munich                                                          Dubbing Films, Tv and Streaming

The difference between the right word and the almost right word, is the same difference as between a flash of lightning and a firefly.  (Mark Twain)

Our team offers you the performance of the big dubbing studios, only more friendly, flexible and agile. Even short deadlines are no problem for the team of Xscape. 

We define ourselves as a dubbing studio that looks after your dubbing production with a lot of heart and mind. The productions are not processed on an assembly line, but are supervised and carried out with full commitment, love and according to international standards, from the writing of the script to the finished mix.

All studios are digitally networked and can be connected externally via session-link or source-connect. We work together with national and international partner studios. 

All studios are equipped with ADR Master and Protools Ultimate. Our own servers guarantee security for your projects

Compliance with technical guidelines (e.g. EBU R 128 standard) is a matter of course.

Schornstr. 6 - 81669 — München - Germany - Fon : + 49 89 540464611 -  Fax: + 49 89 540464618 - mail : info@xscape.de - CEO: Steff Hummel - HRB: 179902 - München


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