We give motion pictures sense

Helga Martini, as production and recording manager, is responsible for the planning and realization of the productions


+49 89 5404646-12

Jürgen Zischke works tirelessly and very precisely in the studios of xscape on the cut, video editing and of course on the excellent sound recordings. No matter if speech or music.


+49 89 5404646-16

Linda Wei joins our team as sound engineer, in the areas of recording, cutting and responsible for QC and finishing of productions


+49 89 5404646-16

Steff Hummel is responsible for numerous cinema, TV and music productions. He works as a producer, dialogue writer and director and can rely on 30 years of experience in the media sector. 


 +49 89 5404646-13

Other freelancers:

2nd production manager: Sabine Gutberlet 

Editing: Ute Gröninger, Stefanie Geißler, Wolfgang Jaroszik

Director / Writer: Konrad Sattler

Film management: Michael Neiser

Qeena, Studio Dog 

Schornstr. 6 - 81669 — München - Germany - Fon : + 49 89 540464611 -  Fax: + 49 89 540464618 - mail : info@xscape.de - CEO: Steff Hummel - HRB: 179902 - München


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